Working with Venues

Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.  Getting “inspired entertainment” takes brilliant thinking and a lot of
hard work.

The staff at BiCoastal Productions works closely with the Entertainment and Artistic Directors at theatres, performing arts centers, casinos, and country clubs across the U.S. We book all different kinds of rooms:  from intimate cabarets, noisy casino lounges and mid-size auditoriums to huge outdoor amphitheatres seating tens of thousands.

While we are always happy to book acts a client has specifically requested, our approach to your business is consultative and, therefore, highly customized. 

We recognize that your ultimate goal is to “fill seats”.  Which is why our methodology begins with a “deep dive” to learn as much as we can about: 

  • Your market
  • Your audiences
  • Your venue
  • Your production capability
  • Your programming needs
  • Your price point sensitivity
  • Your booking history (successes and failures)
  • Your marketing and promotion capabilities and needs
  • Your budget and “back end” deal-making flexibility

Armed with this information, we will do the talent research required and put together a proposal designed specifically for your venue and your market and created to provide your audiences with the great entertainment they want, while meeting your budgetary requirements at the same time.

Once your programming choices have been made, BiCoastal negotiates the contract, including all riders (backline, production requirements, travel) and any of your special requests (e.g. marketing and promotion support, meet & greets).  And our service doesn’t stop with the signed contract—arrangements can be made for our staff to be on-site, if necessary.

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