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Booking Tribute Bands and Tribute Artists?
Get Great Beatles tributes, Elvis tributes, Classic Rock tributes
and more great entertainment from BiCoastal Productions

BiCoastal Productions offers the best tribute acts, tribute bands and cover bands from coast to coast. If you’re thinking about booking Elvis tribute acts, booking Beatles tribute acts, booking ABBA Tribute acts, you’ve come to the right place. BiCoastal Productions also has a great lineup of Classic Rock tribute bands, 80’s cover bands, disco tributes, country music tribute bands and Rat Pack tributes. When it comes to pop music, we have Sinatra singers, Barbra Streisand tributes, Barry Manilow tributes and Tom Jones tributes that will make any night a night to remember!

When you want to book tribute artists and bands that are the best in their genre – everything from Early Rock, Classic Rock, Pop and Country to Motown, Soul and Disco -- for your theater, performing arts center, casino, festival or special event, contact BiCoastal Productions, the best talent agency booking Tribute Bands, Beatles Tributes, Elvis Tributes, Classic Rock Tributes and more great entertainment for your stage.

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