Benise Fuego! - Promo 6.jpg

The Latin Riverdance

Benise (Buh-ness-say) unveiled his new multi-cultural stage show ‘FUEGO!’ with all new music, costumes, and choreography in 2018!  PBS aired the concert and the nationwide tour followed. This was Benise’s fifth PBS Special.

Benise’s ‘FUEGO!’, directed and choreographed by Alex Magno (who has worked with Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and the Academy Awards) features the passion and grace of Flamenco dancing combined with fiery Spanish guitar. A beautifully charming and romantic Spanish village is the backdrop set as Benise reinvents the classics that celebrate Spain – Granada, Adagio, Malaguena, Asturias, and Aranjuez to name a few.

Armed with his Spanish guitar and backed by a stage full of musicians and elaborately choreographed dancers, Benise captures world music at its best, with a show that appeals to people of all ages, cultures and musical backgrounds. It’s an unprecedented and spectacular adventure through Cuban Salsa, Spanish Flamenco, Argentine Tango, Parisian Waltz, Brazilian Samba…and more!  The “Gitanas,” the dancers in ‘FUEGO!’, were hand-picked from a global pool of brilliantly diverse talent. In breathtaking couture costumes and with innovative staging and choreography, they give Spanish dance a fresh and luminous makeover.

A former street musician, Benise began composing original works with powerfully emotional arrangements that are both wild and refined, producing a sound that is as edgy and exotic as it is romantic and sensual. Benise’s Emmy Award Winning Show has toured throughout 16 countries over the last 12 years, performed on the top rated TV show, Dancing With The Stars, and has toured across the USA multiple times.

“‘FUEGO’ celebrates music, love and life. It’s a great show for the whole family. We have something for everyone,” comments Benise. “I hope people will be inspired by our story, the music, and the production, and have the passion to follow their dreams.”

For theatres that wish to partner with their local public television affiliate, a PBS Special Production of “FUEGO” is available for use in local public television pledge drives.