The Amazing Magic of Shadow Dancing

As seen on America’s Got Talent
Catapult is, technically, a shadow dance company.  What it really is:  a theatrical art form that is an amazingly imaginative combination of dance, story-telling, and sculpture.   Founded in 2009, by Adam Battlestein (choreographer, Creative Director and Master Teaching Artist for Pilobolus Dance Theatre for 19 years), Catapult catapulted to fame on Season 8 of America’s Got Talent, earning their way to the finals of the NBC-TV hit show. 

Catapult is a family friendly show that is all about the human body and its ability to transform.  The talented Catapult dancers work behind a screen to create seemingly impossible dancing shadow images of shapes from the world around us. You won’t believe your eyes as you watch these incredible dancers become a mountain, a full size elephant, a helicopter, a house with a window and people inside the window.  You will never figure out how they do it, and you won’t know what they will make next – you will be surprised and delighted again and again. Audiences of all ages love what appear to be effortless transformations and applaud over and over as more and more unbelievable images appear. 

But Catapult’s theatrical touring production is not just a series of shape transformations.  The show is full of humor, emotion, and engaging stories told through music and shadows and in between the delightful stories, there are brief moments of poetry or humor which perfectly cleanse the palate and prepare the audience for their next shadow journey.  Audiences leave this show dazed and happy, and they will never look at their own shadow the same way again!  For the 19-20 Season, Catapult’s theatrical touring show will be a brand new production, mixing magical fan favorites from previous tours with a captivating new piece called “MouZart”, which tells the story of a musical mouse living in Mozart’s house.   MouZart was specially commissioned by the famous Mozart Festival in Salzburg, Austria, and will have its debut in January of 2019.

This extraordinary show has thrilled audiences throughout the world – including North America, Europe, the Middle East and China.  Master Classes and Community/Educational Workshops are available.