Frankie began as a trumpet player destined for the "Julliard School of Music". Not seeing a future as a trumpeter he went against his father's wishes and soon found himself working as an apprentice plumber for Local #2 in New York City where he was assigned to help with the construction of The "Towers" at the "World Trade Center". Married and with two children now Frankie still yearned for the arts. With the help and understanding of his wife he decided to go into comedy. Frankie's first time on stage was in Long Island's "The White House Inn". There he began rubbing shoulders with Eddie Murphy, Jackie Martling, Rosie O'Donnell, Rob Bartlett , Bob Nelson and Jim Meyers just to name a few. In 1982 he was accepted as a regular at New York City's "Catch a Rising Star", “The Comic Strip” and “The Improvisation”. Frankie was now rubbing shoulders with Robin Williams, Dom Irrera, Bill Mahr, John Mendoza, Howie Mandell, Jerry Seinfeld, Rich Jeni, Barry Berry Douglas, Sam Kinison, Larry David, John Stewart, Gilbert Gotfried, Richard Belzer, Joy Behar and Susie Essman just to name a few. Frankie's First national performance was on Saturday Night Live. He was one of only seven comedians ever to do their act on that show. SNL is where he met Julia Louise Dreyfus, Joe Piscopo, Tim Kizerinski and Jim Belushi. Frankie later went on to do The Cosby Show meeting Lisa Bonet and Malcom Jamahl Warner, The Joan Rivers Show meeting the group Poison and as a joke Kissing Robert Urich. He worked on a pilot called "Show offs" with Maclon Jamahl Warner playing numerous characters, The Richard Belzer Special playing numerous characters. Frankie wrote and hosted his own show on USA’s Night-Flight called “Rick Shaw’s Takeout Theatre” again playing numerous characters. He was later honored by receiving the “Charlie” award for best night-club performer, (Later called The Comedy Awards). Frankie has appeared with many stars in his career, here are just a few. Juice Newton, Aaron Nevile, Charo, Penn & Teller, Glady's Knight, Roberta Flack, Frank Sinatra Jr., The Pointer Sisters, Joe Piscopo, The Temptations, Cheech n Chong, Robin Williams, Eddie Murphy, Whoopi Goldberg, Joan Jet, Richard Belzer, BB.King, Frnak Zappa, Ben E. King, Bockman Tuner Overdrive, South Side Johnny, Jerry Vale, The Village People, Lani Kazan etc etc etc. Frankie also appears at times in Freddie Roman's "Catskills On Broadway”