Tribute to Guns nā€™ Roses

November Rain began with the thought of filling the huge vacuum that still remains years after GNR's breakup. With no GNR tribute bands on the East Coast, in late 2004, Jerry contacted drummer George Giordano, the one man he knew could bring the power, energy and muscle to anchor this project.  When the call for bass players went out, George quickly recruited Steve Gerraputa to help him recreate the powerful rhythm section that is at the heart of GNR.  After an exhaustive 6 month search, Brian Andersen walked into the audition studio and easily handled the role of lead vocals. Kevin Bryan, rhythm guitar and backing vocals, was the last piece of the puzzle. November Rain has been rockin' to sold out shows ever since!!!

November Rain meticulously recreates every visual and musical nuance of the Guns N' Roses Experience. Each and every November Rain show is a sensory overload of the music, power and energy of Guns N' Roses.

Come and experience NOVEMBER RAIN and see what all the hype is about!