Mirror of Mathis

David Robbins, International Vocalist, Performer and Impressionist, has been thrilling audiences all over the country. His 90-minute shows feature the many favorite songs of Legendary Johnny Mathis. David holds his audiences in complete awe as soon as he hits center stage. His uncanny likeness and vocals that Emulate the Great Johnny Mathis will leave you Spellbound.

David has been singing along with Johnny Mathis since he was six or seven as his mother played over and over, day in and day out, the music of Johnny Mathis. By age 12 he was imitating Johnny Mathis and has been doing it ever since. He was David’s true inspiration to sing.

Over the years, David has perfected his craft by working with great vocal and acting coaches such as Opera singer Edward Kingins and Ms. Connie Cox who trained The Great Johnny Mathis.