A Tribute to Michael Bublé

Pop star Michael Bublé has won 3 Grammy Awards, been voted the American Music Awards Favorite Adult Contemporary Artist and sold more than 30 million albums to date.

He's called the "Croon Prince", thought of as the heir to Sinatra and commands hundreds of thousands of dollars for each performance.

Now, meet Scott Keo, a fantastic entertainer and vocalist who has established himself as North America's #1 Michael Bublé Tribute Artist. He looks like Michael...moves like Michael....sounds like Michael....and swings like Michael -- with unbelievable accuracy, energy and crowd involvement. Scott's charm and vocal stylings have brought him to Michael Bublé’s Canada for performances, at venues that didn’t even know it wasn’t the real deal until after the show! If you are looking to have a wonderful evening of Michael Bublé, without the big fee, look no further than this handsome and talented young man who will have women from 15 to 85 swooning! Whether with a backing track, or, various size bands, Scott Keo will have them "Swaying"! And wanting to take him "Home!"