Paramount’s Laser Spectacular is the smash hit multi-media laser and light show featuring the music of Pink Floyd. After 30+ years of touring, the show has become a cult classic, presenting the music of Pink Floyd like you've never seen it before. Producer Steve Monistere has established the Laser Spectacular as the longest running, touring theater show in history!

Surrounded by walls of concert quality sound, Laser Spectacular carries listeners away on a mind-expanding journey driven by cutting-edge effects, high-powered lasers, hi-def large screen video projection and special lighting effects. Your senses are confronted with an array of visual displays, choreographed to the soundtrack of the 2.5 hour Laser Light Show.   Viewed though specially designed 3-D glasses, the audience is drawn into this magical production, often singing along with the re-mastered sound track.

The show has become a favorite with progressive rock fans of all ages. At most shows, parents are seen rockin’ out with their teenagers, as the Laser Spectacular brings together generations of Pink Floyd music fans.

“Pink Floyd’s music is very dramatic and visual,” says Paramount’s producer Steve Monistere. “You can imagine images when you listen to Pink Floyd’s music. Without any lighting effects at all, there is still a show in your mind. Now imagine using lasers, lighting, video and other special effects to interpret what your mind is ‘seeing’. That is why people love this show so much. It touches on all of their senses.”

Every year Paramount incorporates new elements into the show, so expect new features whenever you book this show. PFLS is the premier “low cost, high profit” production. There are no live performers; the travel party ranges between 2 to 3 technicians and catering is minimal . This turn-key production is also self-contained. The only production elements needed locally are the sound system and a few sections of truss.  Most presenters agree that when costing out a PFLS show, break-even is easily reached.

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