Tribute to Prince

Julian Stefoni, who has spent more than a decade performing as a Prince tribute artist, says it's easy to see why people would be confused between him and the real Prince. From the purple sequined suit with the white ruffled shirt to the 1980s big hair, Stefoni looks a lot like Prince.  In a picture which features Stefoni and the members of his band positioned around a chopper, the band looks a whole lot like The Revolution, which was Prince's band during the mid-1980s.  The decision to perform as the "Purple Rain"-era Prince, Stefoni says, was easy.

Those albums, — "1999," "Purple Rain," "Around the World in a Day," "Parade" and "Sign O' the Times" — established Prince as a pop superstar on the order of Michael Jackson and Madonna.  Erotic City performs songs from Prince's earlier albums as well as the records the performer released in the 1990s and the current decade, and is sought out all over the country as the premier Prince Tribute Show.