A tribute To The Eagles

The Eagles: a legendary American band who combined influences of rock and country music into a unique voice that provided the soundtrack of a generation.

Desert Highway: A Tribute to the Eagles: a group of 6 great studio and concert tour veterans with major recording artists who perform a non-stop journey of Eagles music via numerous radio hits, top ten singles and album favorites…featuring the inspired rich vocal harmonies and intricate guitar styles of the quintessential American band.

From the country-inspired “Take it easy” to the soaring guitar-layered rock anthem “Hotel California” to the provocative lyricism of “Life in the Fast Lane”, this passionate group of talented professionals present the raw energy of excitement and sound of the Eagles, both musically and visually…channeling the music of the legendary band that to this day continues to resonate with long-time and newfound fans of all ages.

The band has quickly risen through the ranks of tribute artists, and has gone from opening act to headliner status almost overnight.

“Their sound is so cohesive that if you didn’t know better, you might think you really were at an Eagles concert. The singers were eerily evocative of the originals. The guitar work was impeccable, and at times dazzling. Each supporting player had opportunities to shine throughout the evening…Desert Highway left the impression that they were much more than an Eagles tribute band, and it was clear the individual players were all critical to the final product. For their efforts, the band got a standing ovation.” 
Pat Ryder--International Press Association


Tribute to The Eagles

Another Tequila Sunrise is America's most authentic Eagles tribute band. Started around 2000, they have performed from Georgia to Texas, Illinois to Maine, and back home in the New England area. They offer a sophisticated performance with all of the Eagles great hits, along with the songs sung as solo performances by Don Henley, Joe Walsh, and Glenn Frey. Additionally, they play many of the deeper cuts that were popular back in the day!

The band has meticulously taken apart every song, and, reproduces the sounds, note-by-note perfectly as possible, including the vocals, giving the true Eagles fan an experience that could only be topped by the original band, themselves. Perfect for theaters, casinos, and, clubs, these guys are the real deal-book Another Tequila Sunrise for an evening of great Eagles music.