Live Dance & Laser Light Show

A Live Dance and Laser Light Performance

Paramount, the producer of the long-running Pink Floyd Laser Spectacular, pays tribute to the King of Pop’s life and legacy with a stunning stage presentation.

The show features 3 key components:

A Live Dance Performance: One of the top Michael Jackson impersonators straight from the Vegas stage…plus a 5-person dance troupe who perform all of the show’s choreography to perfection to Michael’s biggest hits, including Beat It, Billie Jean, Startin’ Something, I’m Bad, I’ll Be There, Black or White, and Thriller!  The performers will be featured in a ghost-like atmosphere through the use of theatrical scrims and shadow screens. On several songs, the show and the performance are staged just as though it were a live Jackson concert setting.

Lasers & Special Effects Lighting:  Many of Michael Jackson’s hits lend themselves to an artistic laser and light performance, much in the style of the Pink Floyd Laser Spectacular. Through the use of animated laser graphics, laser beams and aerials, the lights and lasers re-create images of Michael with 3-D holographic effects. The lighting show is a concert-style configuration.  Along with the laser beams and graphics, it’s certain to wow the audience with the same power and excitement of a live concert.

Concert Sound:   50,000 watts of pure rockin’ concert sound is sure to put the audience ‘inside’ the music… the show offers an opportunity to hear Michael Jackson’s hits like they’ve never been heard before!

Spanning the pop legend’s forty year career, the show will take the audience on a visual journey that captures the essence of Michael Jackson’s worldwide concert appearances.   It’s a show of the ages, and for all ages!

Check out the highlights video for more great visual imagery.