The Lettermen are: Tony Butala, Donovan Tea and Mark Preston

In the late 50's, most vocal groups had school type names such as Danny & the Juniors, The Four Freshmen and The Four Preps. They chose the name The Lettermen and wore letter sweaters. By the time those names became passé in the early sixties, The Lettermen had already had a few hits and were a tremendous success. Capitol Records, The Lettermen's record label, was reluctant to try to market a new name as The Lettermen wanted, due to the fact that it was already an established world-wide name. The Lettermen name first appeared in February 1958 on the marquee of the Desert Inn Hotel Resort in Las Vegas, The '60's and early '70's saw The Lettermen score over 25 chart hit singles, including "Theme From 'A Summer Place" (No. 16, 1965, from the Sandra Dee/Troy Donahue film), "Goin' Out of My Head/Can't Take My Eyes Off You" (No. 7, 1968, the first hit record ever to completely integrate two songs as one) and "Hurt So Bad (No. 12, 1969). Their signature sound made romantic standards of songs such as "Smile," "Put Your Head On My Shoulder," "Shangri-La," "Love" and on and on. Among those 32 consecutive albums, which charted in the Top 100 in the United States, four were certified gold: The Lettermen!!!...And "Live" (1967), Goin' Out of My Head (1968), Best of The Lettermen (1969) and Hurt So Bad (1970).

The Lettermen have also enjoyed international success touring Japan, Philippines, China, Thailand, Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, Germany, France, South America, Canada, Mexico and even Saudi Arabia. They have sung and recorded in over fourteen languages and have received eighteen gold records internationally.The group has been a rarity that can perform from small college campuses to the posh Empire Room at The Waldorf Astoria in New York City; from the Iowa State Fair to main showrooms in Las Vegas, Nevada; from U.S.O. shows in the jungles of Thailand and Cambodia to elegant concert halls with the world's most renowned symphony orchestras.

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