The Mid-Life Crisis Tour

Comedienne Katie Goodman captivates her audience with her unique style of raw humor and gutsy original musical satire. Goodman is known for providing an audience with an act that is political, personal, and wildly entertaining. Honed to a razor sharp edge, her solo show received enormous praise from Punchline Magazine, who put it best: "On par not just with any woman in modern comedy, not just with any music act in modern comedy but, categorically on par with anyone working the current comedy scene... Impressive...Magnificent."

Tackling spicy subjects, Katie somehow manages to be charming yet challenging. A liberal through and through, Katie knows how to poke fun at conservatives, but also calls out the Dems when they deserve it. Songs like her Tea Party anthem spoof hit hard and hilarious. Katie’s motherhood debacles pepper the show with a self-deprecating look into her parenting flubs and foibles. Pulling it all together with the theme of not being the one who screwed up the world we inherited, she makes a good case for how to un-screw it up, and her humor might just be one of the ways. The number one comment after shows from audience members is that their cheeks hurt from laughing so hard.


"Katie Goodman brought down the house Brilliant!"
Comedy Central

"Finally, someone said what we were thinking."
The Huffington Post

"Sharp writing, playful performances and impeccable comic timing! The fun is infectious!"
The Boston Globe

"Fierce, female, fabulous and funny!"
Eve Ensler